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A communications system for paleontologists.

What is PaleoNet?

PaleoNet is a system of listservers, WWW pages, and ftp sites designed to enhance electronic communication among palaeontologists. The listserver has the largest and most diverse user subscription base of any paleontological listserver and is considered the ‘list of record’ for the professional paleontological community as a whole. The purpose of PaleoNet is to promote the transfer of information about fossils and the science of paleontology, including research questions, employment opportunities, publications, needs, resources, concerns, etc, among both practitioners and students of paleontology, irrespective of specialty, level of experience/expertise, place of employment/study, country or professional affiliation. While primarily assembled as a resource for paleontological professionals and graduate students, PaleoNet welcomes input and participation from anyone and everyone interested in the study of ancient life.

Nominations Open for the NAS Charles Doolittle Walcott Medal

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The U.S. National Academy of Sciences is seeking nominations for the 2022 NAS Award in Early Earth and Life Sciences – the Charles Doolittle Walcott Medal. Specifications: “The Charles Doolittle Walcott Medal is presented to encourage and reward individual achievement in advancing our knowledge of Cambrian or pre-Cambrian life and its history in any part of the world.” If you know of a researcher, at any career stage, who has made significant advances in our knowledge of Cambrian or pre-Cambrian life, please consider nominating them. The award is presented with a medal and a $10,000 prize. Nominations will be accepted through 4 October 2021. Note: additional information, including past recipients, eligibility requirements, and more, can be found at

The Trilobite Papers

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Fred Sundberg's "reboot" of Rolf Ludvingsen's international journal for, and by, trilobite palaeontologists.

Current Issue:
February 2021

Paleontologia Electronica

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The first, and still the most innovative, fully electronic paleontological journal.

Current Issue:
Volume 22, Issue 2

In Memoriam

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Sponsorship of The Palaeontological Association is gratefully acknowledged with special thanks to Alan R. T. Spencer and Jo Hellawell.

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