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Orphaned Collections Website

The Interactive Collections Availability List is now operating at
www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/ICAL/.  This Web Site was funded by the National
Science Foundation so that orphaned (no longer wanted by their owners) and
underutilized (owners open special collections for study by interested
experts and students) fossil collections can be provided with appropriate
homes or study.  ICAL is designed to post information about such
collections and to automatically notify subscribers to the service about
them.  Anyone can view these records or post new ones, however.   The aim
is to get those in possession of collections together with those who will
properly curate, store or study them.

Please take a look at the site.   It contains much more information about
this subject and how to use the site.  If you have or know of collections
that are or will become orphaned in the near future, please inform the
current owners about ICAL.   Such collections may now be in museums,
universities, departments, industry, or private hands.

Post any collections!  This is the final version and it is open for business!!

Jere H. Lipps,  Director
Museum of Paleontology
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720 USA

Voice:  510-642-9006.  Fax:  510-642-1822
Internet:  jlipps@ucmp1.berkeley.edu
WWW:  http://ucmp1.berkeley.edu/jlipps/jlipps.html