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Preparator position open

I am very happy to announce:

+++++++++++++ Preparators Wanted!+++++++++++++

Preparators for the Mongolian Dinosaurs and Exhibition of
New Museum in Japan

・ Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences (abbreviated as HMNS)
(preparing office for the establishment of new museum with the same name)
is planning to employ one preparator of vertebrate paleontology by the middle
of next summer (1997), however, additional preparators will be employed
in the near future for the same purpose.

・ The preparator will have specialized skill and experience in the preparation
of vertebrate fossils, and knowledge of preparation techniques including acid
preparation. The materials to be prepared are vast collection of vertebrate
fossils: ranging from dinosaurs to Mesozoic mammals, but mainly dinosaurs,
which are collected from the Upper Cretaceous deposits in the Gobi desert, by
the joint paleontological expedition between the HMNS and the Geological
Institute, Academy of Science of Mongolia.

・ The preparator will also have especially skill and experience of making
replicas of the vertebrate bones. The making casts of small and fragile
skeletons of small dinosaurs and mammals is required. The preparator will
make casts of Mongolian dinosaurs and other vertebrate fossils and mounting
up for exhibition and research in the HMNS.

・ Experience of field work in the desert, and knowledge of techniques of
excavation and basic geological paleontological data acquisition is also

・ Preparators will work in Japan at least for 3 years.

・ People who are interested in this position please send the following
information to HMNS:

1) Curriculum vitae, one copy
2) Recommendation letter from one specialist, and name and address of three
3) List of specimens and exhibitions prepared by applicants, name of
institutions where they are stored or installed, and photos of the works.

・ Application deadline is February 19, 1997. Please hurry!

・ For more detail information and conditions, please contact the following
person by mail, e-mail, and/or fax.

Mahito Watabe
Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences,
& Hayashibara Co. Ltd.,
Shimoishii 1-2-3, Okayama 700, Japan,
voice: 81-86-224-4311, fax: 81-86-233-3363
e-mail: pde02637@niftyserve.or.jp