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Re: reprints for exchange

Hello Mr. Walossek.

I am an avid amateur fossil collector in Norway. I have been collecting
trilobites in Norway and Sweden for 20 years. I have specialised in
Agnostids, and have collected many of these from especially Västergötland.
If you could spare a copy, I would very much appreciate a copy of your
monograph on Agnostus pisiformis, as I have collected a lot of whole
specimens of that and other species. If you are interested, I have written
several small papers on trilobites in a norwegian journal for mineral and
fossil collectors, STEIN, which I could send to you. Unfortunately, they are
written in Norwegian.

with regards
Magne Høyberget
Oscars gate 50B
N-0258 OSLO

At 03:07 18.12.96 -0800, dieter walossek wrote:
>Hi all,
>recently I got the chance to get a large amount of some of the monographs
Klaus Mueller and I had published in Fossils and Strata for free which I'd
like to offer herewith. Anyone who's interested and willing to send some of
his or her reprints in return is welcomed to send me his request.
>The monographs deal with 3D-preserved micro-arthropods from the Upper
Cambrian Orsten of Sweden:
>Mueller & Walossek 1985. Skaracarida .. F&S 17, 1-65, incl. 17 pls.
>        (morphology etc. of the two species known)
>Mueller & Walossek 1987. Agnostus pisiformis  .. F&S 19, 1-124, incl. 33 pls.
>        (morphology and ontogeny)
>Mueller & Walossek 1988. Bredocaris admirabilis .. F&S 23, 1-70, incl. 16 pls.
>        (ontogeny, morphology and aspects of the phylogeny of Maxillopoda)
>Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Dieter
>Professor Dr.  Dieter Walossek
>Leader of the Section for Biosystematic Documentation
>University of Ulm
> Liststrasse 3, D-89079 Ulm, Germany,
> phone ++49 731 4014 150 or 151, FAX  ++49 731 4014 159
>email: dieter.walossek@biologie.uni-ulm.de
>WWW site: http://www.biologie.uni-ulm.de/biosysdoc/index.html
Ole A. Hoel
Paleontologisk Museum
Sars Gate 1
N-0562 OSLO

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