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Info on Fossil Gars (posted for Stuart Poss)

This message is posted for Stuart Poss. Please respond directly to his
e-mail address.

Norm macleod


Are you aware of any references dealing with either of the following:

1) records of gar fossils (Lepisosteiidae) or related taxa from South America?

2) records of gar fossils (Lepisosteiidae) or related taxa from strata
older than late Cretaceous?

Both would be predicted based on Willey's discussions of the origins of the
group.  However, to my knowledge none have been reported.

I would most appreciate learning of any publications dealing with either.
Since I am not a paleontologist nor do I subscribe to PaleoNet, I would
appreciate it any responses can be sent directly to me.

Thank you for your help.

Stuart Poss
Senior Ichthyologist and Curator
Gulf Coast Reserach Laboratory
P.O. Box 7000
Ocean Springs, MS  39566-7000