The PaleoNet Forum: An Irregular Experiment in Electronic Publishing

The PaleoNet Forum is an experiment in paleontological electronic publishing. Since there are presently no mainstream electronic paleontological journals the "rules" governing such hypothetical publications are poorly understood. In addition to exploring the place of electronic media in the dissemination of paleontological data and opinion, the PaleoNet Forum will attempt to clarify the issue of what sort of rules are necessary (and what sort are not).

The PaleoNet Forum will publish a editorials and/or technical reports on the subject of paleontology. Submitted manuscripts should be written in a style that can be understood by a broad corss-section of professional paleontologists and graduate students. Anyone may submit an manuscript for consideration (see below). Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed and either accepted or returned to the author for revision. There are no length limits and use of graphics (especially color graphics) is encouraged. Authors may submit their manuscripts already converted into HTML or as text files that will be converted by PaleoNet staff if the ms is accepted for publication. All manuscripts, graphics, etc. must be submitted as computer files. Any manuscript submitted in hard copy without prior consent of the editor will be rejected.

Upon acceptance the manuscript will be scheduled for appearance in the next available Forum slot. Editorials will appear on the PaleoNet Forum Page for one month. At then end of that time they will be placed in an archive accessible from the PaleoNet Forum Page for a period of one year from the original publication date. Subsequent to this one year interval, the editorial will be compressed and placed in a subdirectory within the PaleoNet FTP Site. The Natural History Museum's Palaeontology and Mineralogy library will also maintain a separate copy of each editorial from the original date of publication which will be sent to anyone requesting the file via written or e-mail request (see the NHM Pal/Min Library Page).

Because of the formatting limitations imposed by HTML the style of PaleoNet Forum articles will be part of the experiment, at least in the beginning. If authors intend to provide their own HTML files they are encouraged to inspect previous Forum editorials for the basic stylistic elements (e.g., title/affiliation style; citation of URL's, reference style). Within these very basic guidelines, however, authors are specifically asked to be creative and actively seek to utilize the innate advantages of the electronic medium in their articles.

Completed manuscript files, along with any stylistic or technical questions, should be sent to N. MacLeod.

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