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PaleoNet Migration Update
The migration was accomplished on 24 January, more quickly than I had anticipated. The PalaeoNet listserver is back online at its new address: Subscribers have resumed the posting of message and announcements, new subscribers are being signed up, everything seems to be running more-or-less as normal. Please update your address books and bookmarks with the new PaleoNet listserver address and website url. The PaleoNet Listserver Online User's Guide has been updated and can be found here. Please consult that if you need to manage your subscriber options. If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the migration they should contact me at

What is PaleoNet?
PaleoNet is a listserver-web site system designed to enhance electronic communication among paleontologists. While primarily assembled as a resource for paleontological professionals and graduate students, PaleoNet welcomes input and participation from anyone and everyone interested in the study of ancient life.

Table of Contents
Listserver User’s Guide - Complete instructions on how to subscribe to the PaleoNet listserver and manage your subscription
Position Listings - Ads for professional palaeontological positions that have either been posted to the PaleoNet listserver or brought to my attention through other means.
Palaeontological Meetings - A list of palaeontological meetings, conventions, symposia, events, etc. that have either been posted to the PaleoNet listserver or brought to my attention through other means.
Useful Links - An annotated list of online paleontological resources I have found useful (including my own).

Special Features

Paleontologia Electronica
The oldest and most innovative fully electronic paleontological journal.

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Current Issue: Volume 19, Issue 1

The PaleoNet Gallery

An online exhibition of drawings, paintings and illustrations of paleontological subjects.
So much of paleontology has to do with visualising extinct animals and plants it’s only fitting the PaleoNet provide free space for artists and illustrators specializing in the representation of fossils to display samples of their work, especially insofar as the electronic medium is particularly well-suited to this subject matter. If you would like to contribute to the PaleoNet Gallery please contact Norman MacLeod. Meanwhile, enjoy both the featured and past exhibitions.

Current Exhibition

3D Paleo
by John Iellamo

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Past Exhibitions

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The PaleoNet Pages were created by Norman MacLeod as part of the PaleoNet communications system. Sponsorship of The Palaeontological Association is gratefully acknowledged (follow this link to find other PalAss-sponsored websites). The PaleoNet Pages are maintained by Norman MacLeod with contributions from the extended PaleoNet Community. Anyone wishing to post an item, establish a link, contribute artwork, etc. to these pages should contact Norm.

Home page image: Detail of Tyrannosaurus by Kelly Taylor.